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Why is my phone showing "No Service", or continually searching for service?
Last Updated a year ago

Thuraya handsets (including the SatSleeve) need 2 things to register on the Thuraya network. Obviously good signal strength is needed (as shown by the bars on the top left of the screen) and a GPS fix.

To make sure you have good signal strength make sure you are outdoors with a clear view somewhere from the North of West through to just West of North, the actual location of the satellite will depend on where you are in Australia. There should be no obstructions - patio roofs, sheds, trees/foliage in the way.

Make sure the antenna is fully extended - when you first pull it out you will feel a slight "click" - continue to extend the antenna until you feel a second slight "click". When in use the antenna should be pretty much upright or inclined to the North West. Another obstacle to the antenna often not considered is your head! Make sure the handset is on the side of your hide closest to North West and not with your head between the satellite and the phone! Truly!

Now that we have plenty of signal strength we need to wait until the GPS acquires a fix - normally this takes just a minute or so. But if it is months since the unit was last switched on, or has travelled thousands of kilometres without being switched on, or is brand new out of the box the unit has a lot of calculations to do to figure out where it is. This can take 10 - 15 minutes at worst case. Once a fix is achieved it will register on the network. Subsequent registrations on the network should take only a minute or so. Remember for the unit to get a GPS fix - the more of the sky that is clearly viewable the better. The more the sky is obscured the longer it will take to achieve a fix.

If things don't seem to be going well, take notice of the tips above and then switch your phone off (power down) and switch it back on again and start at the beginning of the process.

When registered on the network the display will show "Thuraya Australia".

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