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SPOT Gen 3
SPOT Gen 3

Price: $229.00

Date Added: 12/14/2014 by Trevor
I bought one of these from Kev and the team in the middle of 2014. I was riding adventure motor bikes in and around some hard to get to places and often without telephone contact. As it turned out I also picked up a job in the Central Australia Desert and fly in and out of there for one week a month. There are very few communication options for me once off the beaten track. I take the SPOT 3 with me at all times and when I've arrived at my destnation for the day I hit the 'I'm OK' button which tells the wife that I'm safe and well. She loves to know that and for the other options and the safety net it provides it give me great confidence out there. A couple of mates also check my tracking and keep an eye on what I'm doing in case of a problem. Great stuff.
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