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Thuraya XT-Lite + Vehicle Kit
Thuraya XT-Lite + Vehicle Kit

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Date Added: 04/11/2018 by Rodney
Incredibly fast turn-around. Made the decision to purchase a Sat Phone early yesterday morning. I had already focussed on SatPhoneSales after earlier internet research. Put in an order on-line by about 8am. Followed that by an application to Pivotel for a plan. The phone was delivered by courier by 12.30 pm the next day. It was so fast that I was sure it wouldn't include the SIM, but it did. I had it up and running and made my first call even before I got the email from Pivotel advising me that the SIM was live (and telling me my number). So the service was fantastic.
I can't yet really comment on how well it performs at this early stage, but when i first switched it on and walked out into my suburban (Gold Coast) yard to see if it would register with the satellite, it did so quickly and easily.
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