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Thuraya XT-Lite - Save $129 (with FREE Silicon Case)
Thuraya XT-Lite - Save $129 (with FREE Silicon Case)

Price: $899.00  $839.00

Date Added: 11/02/2015 by Colin
Hi Team,
My husband and I have just been on a ‘round Australia’ trip with our Thuraya XT Lite phone.
We have covered some very remote regions like the ‘Gibb River Rd’ up north in W.A. and in the ‘Flinders Ranges’ in S.A. just to mention a couple. On the whole trip around we have never had a ‘reception’ issue at all. We had coverage where ever we were in Australia and the sat phone never leaves the car. Even on the East coast we can have no reception areas with our normal mobile phone and it’s comforting to know that our Sat Phone will work where ever we are in the case of a breakdown with our vehicle or a flat tyre, we know we will always have reception with our sat phone.
We are very pleased and satisfied with our Thuraya Sat Phone. Gee I now wish I had taken a photo of us using the sat phone while on our trip!!

We also run a business, teaching people towing and reversing caravans. In our commentary during the course of the day we also promote and display the Thuraya Sat phone to our customers and talk about security and safety in the ‘bush’.

Tony and Helke
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