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Iridium Call Plans

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Iridium Call Plans will change on 1st June 2018. The plans shown below will see a Monthly Access Fee increase of $10 inc GST, this price change will apply to all existing and new services. Iridium's price increase is applied across the board, to all service providers around the world

IRIDIUM Call Plans

Iridium call rates

Calls are billed in 30 second increments
No minimum term if a $50 connection fee is paid! Otherwise term is 24 months.
All rates include GST

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Critical Information Summaries

Pivot 40 24 month
Pivot 40 Casual

Pivot 50 24 month
Pivot 50 Casual

Pivot 75 24 month
Pivot 75 Casual

Pivot 99 24 month
Pivot 99 Casual

Pivot Group 70 24 month
Pivot Group 70 Casual