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Why Hire a Satellite Phone?

Hire, rent or buy a satellite phone?

Our online calculator will give you an EXACT quote Here

..but as an indication rates vary from $6 per day for long term hire to about $10 or $15 per day for short term. A week long hire can secure a satellite phone for $140 for the first week, and the next week at $70. And the hire quote includes freight to you!

The cost progressively reduces to as little as $6 per day on longer term hire. Call us for longer term rates, you'll find we work WITH you to get the best possible solution at the best possible price.

Call costs are as low as $2 per minute and if you choose to hire for a longer term this can be reduced to less than $1 per minute. Naturally inbound calls are free of charge and we can organise for your handset to have a standard Australian mobile number. This is a great spend management tool as you can always briefly call or text someone and ask them to call YOU on a standard mobile number. Fantastic for friends, family, loved ones and business!

We're here to help

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a rental option over outright purchase. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons presenting scenarios appropriate to your specific needs. Here’s a couple of thoughts and tips about hiring or renting a satellite phone over buying outright:

  • Satellite phone usage is often seasonal so hiring or renting a satellite phone saves holding on to an under utilised asset.

  • The satellite phone is subject to testing prior to being shipped and placed in use..

  • No complicated lock in connection contracts.

  • The satellite telecommunication costs are known in advance and can be budgeted for.

  • The hirer is not responsible for the repair of satellite equipment faults (unless wilfully damaged or through negligence)

  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance such as firmware upgrades to keep the unit in service.

  • Batteries are not degraded through lack of use by being out of service for the bulk of the year.

  • No credit checks needed for connections and SIM activations (unsuccessful applications can have an effect on credit rating)

  • Fast way to get satellite communications happening – order and receive as soon as the next day – connected and ready to go!

  • Change or choose the satellite network and handset of choice depending on the specific trip needs.

  • Devices are not lying around and becoming obsolete with age.

  • Hire fees are 100% tax deductable.

    Why it pays to hire form SPS

  • Handsets are dispatched by overnight courier all over Australia on a daily basis.

  • Very reasonable rates.

  • Freight to you is included in the hire quote.

  • Get quotes, check availability and make bookings online in real time.

  • Easy and instant bookings.

  • Convenience of a return pre-paid Australia Post satchel and drop off at any Australia Post post office.

  • We encourage you to make test calls prior to departure and don’t charge for these ($5 worth of free calls included).

  • Outside of business hours support available.

  • Great call rates.

  • The convenience and reduced costs of a standard Australian mobile number for inbound calls if required.

  • Our extensive knowledge of satellite communications at your disposal in selecting the right device.

  • Friendly, informed and approachable staff ready to assist you on the phone or by email.