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The Sat Phone Sales Advantage

Why you should at least consider working with us to solve you remote area communication needs

UNBIASED - We can connect across ALL the satellite networks available in Australia. We work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget. What we don't do is recommend particular networks and solutions simply because that's all we can access! You can be sure that we search for the best possible solution and price from ALL providers.

TOP PRICING - We are "online only", meaning we can pass real savings on to you, the customer. It doesn't mean that our range, knowledge or expertise are any less. Quite the opposite. Remote area communications are not just a niche corner of our business - it IS our business.

PRODUCT RANGE - We source stock from many, many different suppliers, all with the view of making remote area communications easy and affordable. Whilst having so many networks and products available seems confusing at first we'll work with you to find the right solution, taking the mystery and confusion out of finding the right product.

FAST DELIVERY - We ship all over Australia on a daily basis from South East Queensland. All our stock is IN AUSTRALIA and not drop shipped from overseas. Very often we can have your item delivered within 24 hours!

SUPPORT - You'll be speaking with real motivated people IN AUSTRALIA. We're there for you not only in finding a solution but post sale support too. We're all IN AUSTRALIA, we all understand what Aussies need and expect and we're here to deliver that.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE - We don't just sell boxes. We provide solutions - we walk the talk and actually use our solutions ourselves, be it bush camping, 4 wheel driving, flying, boating, remote outback travel. we test what we present!

RESPECTED - You'll find us active on many online forums. We're frequently praised for providing, straight to the point, advice and tips.

STRAIGHT TALKING - we don't use jargon and buzz words to hide behind. We'll make our professionalism and extensive knowledge available to you in easy to understand language. We'll tell you how it is, why it is and what you can expect - no BS used and no sales pressure. We'll talk to you as we'd want to be talked to.

Call us, we'll work WITH you to find the right solution, at the best price.

Tel:1300 13 54 57