Plans & General Information

Inmarsat Pre-Paid

IMPORTANT - For use by Customers who have a SIM card supplied by Sat Phone Sales

If you don't have a SIM card supplied by Sat Phone sales we will be happy to send a FREE SIM CARD when you purchase our Airtime.


Online SIM and Plan Activation Form

Instantly Issued Airtime:

*** Vouchers marked * are issued INSTANTLY by email (not for PoliPay & EFT; until funds clear)

Other vouchers are issued same day by email.

Vouchers have a shelf life of up to 12 months, the exact date is advised on issue.

The Validity Period countdown commences only at the time the voucher is added to your account (easily done through your handset).

So keep one as a spare! It's like having a Jerry can of fuel for your handset.

Tip: When adding airtime to your cart have your SIM number handy to enter in the SIM check box (number is on the SIM and found under the battery)

Check your SIM number before proceeding as airtime, once issued, cannot be refunded. If you are not sure of your SIM number please email a request to: we'll be happy to look this up for you.

Information - How to test your phone, use vouchers and dialing guide:

Free test number: +870 776 999 999

Balance Enquiry: " Menu->Settings->Prepay->Balance enquiry "

Voucher redemption: " Menu->Settings->PrePay->Redeem voucher "

Outbound Dialing: Always use the full International number you wish to call, ie. +(country code)(area code - drop the leading zero)(number)

eg. To dial an Australian mobile: +614XXXXXXXX, to dial a NSW number +612XXXXXXXX, to dial a QLD number +617XXXXXXXX etc.

Inbound Dialing: From most landlines dial: 00118707XXXXXXXX, or from a mobile: +618707XXXXXXXX

Caution, some providers (like Telstra) can charge up to $20/min to call an IsatPhone (which in no way reflects call termination charges!) Tip: Skype is MUCH cheaper. Or send a free SMS to any prepay IsatPhone: Send free SMS's to Prepay Isatphones