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Satellite / GPS Trackers

Essentially there are two systems for satellite / GPS tracking and messaging.

The Spot GPS / satellite tracker relies on the Globalstar constellation of satellites and is simplex - ie. ground to satellite communication only. Whilst the delivery rate of GPS position, tracking and informational information is extremely good, one can never be sure the message got through. To ensure a high delivery rate Spot sends GPS positions and messages multiple times. Along with position reports one can send "I'm OK" sched' reports as well as SOS duress, help and custom messages.

The inReach GPS / satellite tracker system uses the truly global Iridium constellation and is duplex, ie. messaging in both directions. With this system it is possible to send and receive interactive SOS messages, text messages, emails, social network updates and GPS navigation. It is possible to determine if a message got through. The inReach devices are true global satellite communicators.

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