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Thuraya SatSleeve just $839
XT-Lite $839 + Free Silicon Case
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Huge discounts across all networks for Australia and world wide!

RRP Our Price
Thuraya XT-Lite (Free Silicon Case - save $129!!) $899 $839
Thuraya XT-Lite Sat Safety Bundle (Rugged safety - just grab and go!) $1092 $929
Thuraya XT-Lite + External Antenna, 5m cable and earbud/mic For on the go communication $1257 $1139
Thuraya SatSleeve Universal (Standard Mobile Number!) $899 $839
Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot (Standard Mobile Number!) $899 $839
Thuraya SatSleeve or Hotspot, + Car Antenna, + 12v USB adapter (Standard Mobile Number!) $1178 $1099
Thuraya XT Pro (The capable and tough flagship) $1499 $1399
IsatPhone 2 pre-paid (The Inmarsat Flagship with SIM) $1249 $1129
IsatHub $2149 $2099
Iridium 9555 outright $1699 $1599
Iridium 9575 Extreme outright $1999 $1899
Iridium GO! (Versatile and Rugged - ready to go) outright $1299 $1199
KTI Safety Alert PLB with GPS (10 Year Plus battery life!) $299 $248

Thuraya XT-Lite - $839 with SIM and casual plans featuring a Standard Australian Mobile Number

Voice, Internet and SMS pre-paid, using the IsatHub, now just $1749 - save over $500!

Iridium GO! $1199 Iridium 9555 $1599 Iridium 9575 $1899

Fast Delivery, SIM supplied and your device connected!

Connecting to ALL satellite networks we are here to help you choose the right plan, and the right device on the right network. Prepaid, or plans with no lock in contracts, across ALL 4 satellite networks covering Australia - the choice is yours! And if you're not quite ready to buy consider renting or hiring. See our great options Here

For impartial and no nonsense help, backed up by our *Best Price Guarantee We'll help you choose the right solution for your particular needs. For a no obligation chat with our helpful consultants about your communication needs:

CALL us on 1300 13 54 57

Australia's most popular satellite phone, the Thuraya XT-Lite, in stock and ready to travel! $839 with NO lock in contract. What's more it comes with a standard Australian number meaning it's just the cost of a regular mobile call to reach you from ANY network. Don't settle for an expensive to call 0145 satellite number when you can have a standard Australian mobile number!

Tough, rugged, dependable, reliable IsatPhone 2 gives fantastic world wide coverage. Flexible pre-paid options Stay in touch where you want, when you want.

The fantastic Thuraya SatSleeve , portability and convenience in two flexible variants. Clip your Smartphone into the SatSleeve universal and enjoy voice, SMS and data satellite services on your Smartphone. Or sit the Hotspot version on a flat surface in view of the Thuraya satellite and put your Smartphone on the satellite network anywhere within 30m of the Hotspot, even indoors. Switch from one version to the other with an optional adapter - don't choose, simply have the best of both! From $839 on no lock in contract plans and all with a standard Australian mobile number.

Voice, Data and text almost anywhere on the planet for your phone, tablet or laptop at 3G like speeds. The IsatHub is not only tough but provides reliable communications for the whole team in the remotest areas on the planet.

Australia's BEST airtime deals? We can supply airtime on the Inmarsat network for the IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Pro at the best price in Australia, check it out! Need a new SIM card? - how does FREE sound? Simply purchase airtime from us and we'll happily supply you a new SIM free of charge! We also supply airtime for the Inmarsat BGAN network and again - the SIM is free. Others charge $30 plus for this so why do we make this offer - because we're sure that once you experience our service you'll be our repeat customer. We also have great airtime deals and FREE SIM cardson the Iridium network

EPIRB / PLB Stay safe this holiday season on your travels with the security of a Personal Locator Beacon. Immediately alert search and rescue if in danger - no subscription required. Just $299 $248 - limited stock.

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