Plans & General Information

For use with Iridium SIM cards supplied AFTER 1.11.15

Use these top up vouchers for SIM cards supplied by Sat Phone Sales AFTER 1.11.15 (SPS Cards)

Please note these vouchers will NOT WORK with SIM cards supplied PRIOR to 1.11.15, however we are happy to supply a new SIM card which will function with these vouchers free of charge by regular mail.

For use in Australia, New Zealand and Globally

PREPAID E-VOUCHERS The minimum requirement for a new SPS prepaid account is a one month 75 unit voucher. The 0 minutes/1 month e-voucher is used to add additional time to a prepaid account. The 50 minute voucher is used to add airtime to a 75 minute or higher based account. The maximum expiry period for any prepaid account is 12 months.

ACCOUNT RELOAD You have 270 days to purchase new e-vouchers for your prepaid account once your current units have run out. At the end of 270 days the account will be automatically deactivated by Iridium. A deactivated account cannot be reactivated. If you require another prepaid account, a new Iridium SIM card and phone number will be issued.

CALL RECORDS No call records will be provided on all prepaid services.

DEACTIVATION As stated above, a prepaid account will be automatically deactivated 270 days after the available units have been used.

ACTIVATE A SIM CARD: (You will still need to complete your order after completing the activation form)

Online SIM and Plan Activation Form

Iridium Pre-Paid usage table